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Methods, Materials, and Machinery

It takes years of experience and knowledge to build a lasting, hurricane-resistant structure on the Louisiana Gulf Coast, and our team has all the elements necessary to deliver a secure foundation, no matter what challenges you may face with your property.

We ensure the lasting integrity of your foundation by using the best machinery for the job. For example, our foundations are driven with air hammers (as mandated by the 2006 International Building Code 1808.2.8.3 and 1808.2.15). When other contractors drive their foundation piles with vibratory hammers, their methods can loosen the natural friction generated by the ground and can cause major settlement issues down the road. When we build, we build for your future - no matter what wind, rain, or acts of God it will bring.

We Specialize in Waterfront Foundations

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) requires the lowest floor of a home to be raised at least as high as the predicted high water mark for the 100-year flood. In Mississippi and Louisiana, these regulations are particularly important. As an established leader in pile driving services for our region, Lamulle Construction has the expertise and equipment to design raised foundations, drive reliable pilings, or build a concrete slab foundation. Even better, we’ll assess your building’s needs so that your foundation maximizes the life of your structure.

Raised Foundations

When it comes to preserving the natural aspects of your property, raised foundations provide benefits that include easier lawn maintenance, improved landscaping conditions, and a reduced impact on the native environment. Depending on the ground composition beneath your structure, a raised foundation may be the better choice to avoid differential settlement and erosion.

Raised foundations can be built to elevate your structure several feet or just a few inches. Raised foundations are popular, especially for waterfront properties, on the flood-prone Gulf Coast. They’re not susceptible to damage from differential settling, and when properly executed, they can deliver resilient durability and greater comfort for the people who use your building.

Convenient Crawlspace

Larger crawl spaces provide easy access to heating and cooling ducts, water pipes, insulation, and electrical wiring. Maintenance of existing systems and installation of new ones is much easier with a raised foundation than with a slab foundation. Our experienced designers can help you decide the height of your elevation based on whether you’ll need access to these systems. We can even install custom features like light fixtures in your crawl space if you need them! Should you or a future owner ever decide to remodel the building, lines can easily be rerouted or added to move utilities from room to room. Though raised foundations are commonly thought to be more expensive than slab foundations, in areas with high elevation requirements, they can actually cost less than a slab-on-grade construction.

Proactive Drainage Planning

Water is the key concern when building a raised foundation for a waterfront property. A poorly planned or executed crawlspace can fall victim to mold, moisture, and condensation, endangering your entire structure. When building the foundation for your future, it’s vital to work with a team you trust to be thorough, thoughtful, and communicative. Lamulle Construction will go the extra mile to ensure that your foundation never acts as a moisture conduit. We evaluate the soil, ventilation, and drainage to eliminate the threat of water-related damage. We’ll help you determine the right height, flood openings, and materials to ensure maximum durability over the life of your raised foundation.

Slab Foundations

Slab foundations can deliver unparalleled security while eliminating moisture and condensation worries at the base of your structure. This type of foundation saves money and building materials, as it can act as its own floor finish. The key with slab-on-grade construction is to ensure a carefully designed grading plan that allows for proper surface drainage.

Slab foundations are extremely popular in the southern United States, where basement foundations are impractical and flooding is far more likely than freezing. These ground-level foundations are extremely affordable on flat or slightly graded land, and they rule out the water-related risks that threaten waterfront structures. When you work with Lamulle Construction, you can rest assured that your slab-on-grade foundation is tailored precisely for durability based on your property’s geography, topography, and climate.

Will your soil secure your foundation?

On the right ground, a slab foundation will give you decades (or even a century) of solid footing. Before recommending a slab foundation, however, Lamulle Construction will thoroughly evaluate every aspect of your property. Soil composition, drainage, and site preparation are taken into consideration for every foundation that we build. We not only have the expertise to design a proper grading plan, but also the capacity to precisely execute every phase of construction. Our slab foundations provide water-and termite-proof stability at a fantastic value, and our track record is one you can trust.

Lamulle Construction has been building precision-engineered waterfront slab foundations for over 70 years. We drive our own pilings, for slab foundations and for every other application you can think of, for both commercial and residential projects. We’re proud of our work, and we stand behind the proven integrity of our foundations.

Licensed Pile Driving Specialists

As a licensed heavy-construction contractor specializing in Mississippi and Louisiana marine construction, we are uniquely qualified to provide proactive design and unbeatable durability for waterfront structures. After 7 decades as a company and hundreds of years of combined experience, we’ve seen it all. Our expert team will identify and execute the best possible foundation based on the needs of your property and your project, on the water or off. For more information read our news on Foundations.

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Lamulle Construction is the region's only licensed heavy construction contractor to carry truly comprehensive insurance coverage for building on the water. Our 4 types of million-dollar coverage protect not just our team and equipment, but your people, property, and investments. To reduce your risk exposure, we go the extra mile.

For new or existing construction, commercial or residential use, on land or water — Lamulle is the name you can trust.