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Don’t play games with your bulkhead.

Is your existing bulkhead rotting or falling apart?
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Licensed & Specialized Marine Contractors

Lamulle Construction is Louisiana’s leading licensed Marine heavy construction contractor, providing residential and commercial waterfront construction solutions including boathouses, bulkheads, docks, piers, and pilings. We have installed miles of wooden, fiberglass, and vinyl bulkheads. We understand that seawall or marine bulkhead construction can be a very valuable long-term investment in your residential, commercial, or marina property. When done right, bulk heads are simply the best way of protecting your property from erosion and damage.

Protect your investment.

If you live or run a business on the water, your bulkhead is the foundation of your property. No other single element can so dramatically impact its value and integrity. At Lamulle Construction, we take bulkhead work very seriously. When you can’t take chances with your bulkhead construction, call Lamulle. We’ll find the very best way to secure the future of your bulkhead, whether that’s through repair, rebuilding, or brand new bulkhead construction. We can build a wide selection of seawall construction material such as aluminum, concrete, wooden, and vinyl sheet piling, depending on your needs. Better yet, we’ll drive our own pilings to ensure you know exactly how secure your new foundation will be.

Custom Bulk Head Design

In planning a bulkhead build or repair, the design team at Lamulle works with our architect and engineer to assess the unique needs of the project. Every aspect is considered, including the proximity of your house to your bulkhead, the density of your soil, and whether the work will be best done from land or water. From there, we design your bulkhead to meet your personal requirements. We’ll also work with you, your HOA, and local agencies to meet requirements and protect your waterfront property.

When you need a bulkhead built to add beauty and withstand the forces of nature, call Lamulle Construction. Our reputation stands on delivering your best possible results. For more information read our news on Bulkheads.

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Licensure & Insurance Coverage

Lamulle Construction is the region's only licensed heavy construction contractor to carry truly comprehensive insurance coverage for building on the water. Our 4 types of million-dollar coverage protect not just our team and equipment, but your people, property, and investments. To reduce your risk exposure, we go the extra mile.

For new or existing construction, commercial or residential use, on land or water — Lamulle is the name you can trust.