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Custom Wooden Bridge & Walkway Construction

We have experience constructing an array of bridges and walkways, ranging from walking paths to spans crossed by vehicles. We own all of our equipment and drive our own pilings to guarantee structural integrity and unquestionable quality. With more than 70 years of experience driving pilings and building bulkheads in Mississippi and Louisiana, we are well versed in the nuances of marine construction. In addition to the most advanced materials and tools, our team has access to the architecture and engineering expertise required to deliver incredibly reliable custom bridges.

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Lamulle Construction

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  •  General Liability
  •  Workman's Compensation
  •  Longshoreman's Insurance
  •  Jones Act Insurance

Licensure & Insurance Coverage

Lamulle Construction is the region's only licensed heavy construction contractor to carry truly comprehensive insurance coverage for building on the water. Our 4 types of million-dollar coverage protect not just our team and equipment, but your people, property, and investments. To reduce your risk exposure, we go the extra mile.

For new or existing construction, commercial or residential use, on land or water — Lamulle is the name you can trust.