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A Pier for any Storm

Lamulle Construction

The fishing pier is an iconic symbol of our way of life on the Gulf coast. It is the focal point of our fishing camps, and the family gathering place to reel in those seasonal Reds and Specs. Unfortunately, our waterways are littered with the skeletal remains of fishing piers that did not survive the many storms we encounter. An improperly built pier can suffer damage from our frequent thunderstorms, and seasonal tropical storms. Hurricanes, well we all know about those. High winds and high waves are a way of life that we deal with and often our fishing piers are the casualties.

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  •  General Liability
  •  Workman's Compensation
  •  Longshoreman's Insurance
  •  Jones Act Insurance

Licensure & Insurance Coverage

Lamulle Construction is the region's only licensed heavy construction contractor to carry truly comprehensive insurance coverage for building on the water. Our 4 types of million-dollar coverage protect not just our team and equipment, but your people, property, and investments. To reduce your risk exposure, we go the extra mile.

For new or existing construction, commercial or residential use, on land or water — Lamulle is the name you can trust.