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Builders of Fine Boat houses, Decks, Docks, Bulk heads, Retaining Walls & Piers

For over 60 years, Lamulle Construction has been the industry leader in the driving of piles and construction of sills for elevated foundations. We are a licensed heavy construction contractor specializing in marine construction for private homes and businesses. We not only offer the highest level of customer service and experience, but also the greatest craftsmanship combined with competitive prices. Today, our team is made up of 25 crewmembers and 8 administrators. We invite you to take a look at our online portfolio and contact us today to see how we may help you.

Lamulle Construction is different.

If you spend any time around our team, or if you mention our company in conversation, you’re sure to hear something about the Lamulle Difference. Now in its third generation of family ownership, Lamulle Construction has serviced southern Louisiana and Mississippi’s pile driving needs for well over half a century. We’ve been working from the same location since 1947, and we remain committed to the level of unparalleled quality established by EJ Lamulle all those years ago.

In the beginning…

EJ Lamulle learned pile-driving the hard way, in the Pacific, during World War II. His regiment completed excruciatingly hard labor with minimal hardware, building docks so that allied ships could offload supplies to the many islands in the region. Upon his return to Louisiana, EJ found his own home decimated by the hurricane of 1947. Naturally, he bought a surplus Jeep and began driving pilings for a new house that would stand the test of time. Neighbors noticed him working on the 30-foot-deep foundation and asked whether they could help them rebuild. Out of necessity, Lamulle Construction was born.

We’re not shy about the fact that quality is our first priority.

At Lamulle Construction, we deliver repair and construction to the foundational structures upon which waterfront properties are built. The foundational structure of our company, painstakingly built by EJ Lamulle himself, is its rock-solid reputation combined with a commitment to excellence. The highest calling of today’s current generation is to protect Lamulle Construction’s reputation as the best in the business. To achieve this goal, we devote our energy to attentive customer service, proactive design, and complete quality assurance. If we can’t do a job right, we’ll humbly decline to take it on at all. Once we’ve undertaken a project, we’ll do whatever it takes to achieve optimal results.

The best people in the world…

We’re proud to say that we serve the best people in the world – the people of New Orleans. But Lamulle Construction is only able to do this through the work of our extraordinary team. We consider it a testament to EJ Lamulle’s legacy that each of our 7 crew chiefs has been with the company longer than 10 years. Four of them joined us more than 20 years ago. These are the people who represent Lamulle Construction in the marketplace, and we trust that your experience of them will be as positive as our own.

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You will find that we not only offer the highest level of customer service and experience, but also the greatest craftsmanship combined with competitive prices. Contact us today to take the first step in building quality structures that last.

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Licensure & Insurance Coverage

Lamulle Construction is the region's only licensed heavy construction contractor to carry truly comprehensive insurance coverage for building on the water. Our 4 types of million-dollar coverage protect not just our team and equipment, but your people, property, and investments. To reduce your risk exposure, we go the extra mile.

For new or existing construction, commercial or residential use, on land or water — Lamulle is the name you can trust.